Tuesday, October 14, 2003

One friend of mine want to know my identity. She gave me order to disclose my identity. I have to do that, coz she is very good friend of mine. But dear friend when you asked me, "Who are you?" one Bengali song came to my mind. Really. What is that? Like this:
One little boy asked to his friend (A man): "Tumi ke? Tomaar naam ki?"
Then he replied: "Aami ke?
Kaaro keo noiko aami
Keo amaar nay..
Kono naam neiko amaar
Sono mahasay
Kaaro keo noiko aami"
I know I am talking very cheap. But this is the fact. How I tell you, who am I? Is name so important for my identity? I want to known as a friend of my friends, those who love me and who don't love me. I love my friends very much. I feel for them. I feel happy when they are happy. I feel upset when they are sad. I cry when they are upset. And when they are in problem I rush to them and try to solve that. I live for my friends. They are all for me. I am nothing without them. I can die for them. I feel that I am your friend that's my identity.

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